Follow This Advice to Get Promoted in the Next Few Months

Getting a promotion is the validation of all your hard work. It’s more than just a raise, although that’s certainly nice; it’s also a pat on the back that keeps you motivated and inspired to do more. A promotion means that management has noticed your effort and believes you’ve proven to be one of their top employees, ready to move up the chain and potentially join them in leadership.


If you’re ready to make this move, we’ve compiled a few pointers for how to improve the chances you’ll be promoted sooner rather than later in your job.


  • Get Motivated With Career Goals
    Top employees are clear in their career goals and they work hard to achieve them. When was the last time you sat down with your employer and laid out the roadmap for where you want this job to take you?
  • Join and Lead the Team
    Being a team player is one of the best skills any employee can bring to the table. Employees who get promoted often exhibit these skills by collaborating effectively with the team. You’ll often find them extending a hand to help others, leading discussions, or developing and implementing task lists.
  • Become Indispensable to the Team
    Along the same lines, the most promotable employees are the ones the firm simply can’t live without. These are the employees that are sought out by coworkers for help. They are the big fish who stand out even in a big pool.
  • Make Learning a Priority
    A top skill of any promotable employee is the ability to learn new things. It doesn’t have to be a degree-driven process; there are dozens of free classes online that can help you brush up on computer skills, writing or anything that is important to move up the chain in your field. Many employers sponsor these programs and encourage employees to learn both on and off the job.
  • Show your Leadership Skills
    If you’re confident in your leadership skills, offer to lead a committee or take on a big task. Avoid office politics or gossip and keep your eyes on the prize. Arrive to work early and stay late whenever you can. Try to actively mentor new employees and share what you know with others in the spirit of helping everyone improve.
  • Exhibit your Engagement
    Being engaged means having skin in the game. Paying attention in meetings is part of it, but being an active member of the organization is also important. Try attending lunch and learns or going out with co-workers for happy hour after work. Offer helpful ideas in meetings and then help implement them.


If your goal is to get promoted in 2019, now is the time to set goals and work toward them. It won’t be easy; you’ll spend a lot of time potentially changing your attitude and skills to reach your goals. If you find your best efforts don’t seem to be paying off, it might be time to speak with Twin City Staffing. We have a variety of excellent roles that can help move you toward a new career path and the promotion you’ve been working toward. Contact us today.