3 Tips to Help Keep Your Employees Engaged Through the Holidays

The holidays are a distraction. We’re all busy preparing for the holidays, staying up too late, working extra hours to earn enough money for presents and just generally stressed. It’s hard enough to keep employees engaged, but during the holidays, they have the added distractions of family commitments, holiday parties, and generally running around to make things merry and bright for the holidays. How can employers compete with this busy time and keep their employees engaged and productive? We have three recommendations.


Engagement Tip #1—Share Gratitude

If your workers feel appreciated, they will be less likely to check out at work. A University of Pennsylvania study showed that when employers take the time to express and show their employees how much they appreciate them; they were more likely to be productive and engaged. Simply thanking employees for their hard work made them feel better about the job and work harder.


Employees are stressed during the holidays; the importance of supporting them and showing your gratitude cannot be discounted. Employers should offer additional perks and incentives and generally show how much they appreciate all the hard work their employees put in over the past year. It will go a long way toward keeping your employees head in the game.


Engagement Tip #2—Encourage Time Off

It may seem counterintuitive to encourage employees to take time off during the holidays, but it’s vital to keep them motivated. During November and December, your workers are overwhelmed by the additional life requirements and the sheer volume of tasks that the holiday brings. If workers have PTO left and your business can handle it, why not encourage your employees to take a Monday or Friday off to get a head start on holiday planning. It will lower their stress and let them know that you care about their well-being. If your worker is focused on last-minute Christmas errands, they will be less likely to focus on tasks at work. Why not let them go home a little early and help them out?


Engagement Tip #3—Help Them Lower Their Stress

Stressed-out employees are not engaged. They don’t perform their best, and many times, the stress can lead to their getting sick and spreading the flu around the office. Providing your team with ways to relieve stress will help employees stay more productive during the most “wonderful” time of the year. What about bringing in a massage therapist to provide in-office chair massages? Could an on-site healthcare worker talking about ways to relieve stress give employees a welcome break? What about bringing in a catered lunch to encourage employees to eat healthier when they’re stressed out? Fresh, nutritious foods during times when your workers are overstretched will help them get their game face on to push through the holiday season on your behalf.


Sometimes lowering stress requires an influx of additional workers to help you redistribute the workload. That’s where Twin City Staffing can help. We know the holidays are a busy time; why not talk to a talent team member about your options for staffing up for the end of year workload? Call us, we can help.