4 Ways to Calm Your First Day Anxieties


Being nervous on the first day is something we all have to deal with. Whether it’s school or a new job, there’s an element of anxiety that translates across any new situation or environment. Experiencing your first day on the job is always exciting, but new employees also report a little fear and nervousness as they meet new people and try to learn new things.


Don’t worry, though; we have four ways you can calm your first day anxieties so you can try to relax a little as you make your way into your new job.


Try These Four Things on Your First Day

  1. One easy way to lessen the stress from a new routine is to prepare the night before. It’s a smart way to save time. Try putting out your clothes the night before, or packing your lunch, or maybe even prepping your coffee pot. It can take time to pick out the right first day outfit, so it’s a smart idea to lay everything out in advance. Go ahead and map out your route, too, and give yourself extra time for anything unexpected. All of these things will save you time and lessen stress the day of the big event.
  2. You can also prep by getting to know the people you’ll work with. Meeting new people is a big part of any new job, but it might make you feel more comfortable if you do a little research on your new colleagues before you meet them. Getting a better sense of your supervisor, for example, will help you plant your feet more firmly on your first day. Anything you can do to lessen the uncertainties of meeting so many new people is a positive thing, so look on LinkedIn to find out more about your boss. At the very least, you will find conversation starters that will help you feel a little more at ease.
  3. Leave enough time in the morning to center yourself by listening to your favorite music or doing some stretches. Exercising can also help you center yourself, even if it’s only for 10 minutes before your shower. Allowing a little extra time with your morning tea or coffee will help you find the quiet fortitude to handle the additional first day jitters.
  4. Finally, try boosting your confidence a little before going into the new situation. Think about how hard you worked to land this new job and the hoops you had to get through to get to this point. Look over your resume and recognize all of your accomplishments and think about all the other people that wanted this job but didn’t make the cut. Confidence comes when you psych yourself up, so take the time to read your cover and offer letter, or any letters of recommendation you may have, to find some strength in the positive accolades you’ve earned over the years. Then hold your head up and march toward your first day on the job knowing you’re right where you’re supposed to be.


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