The 3 Skills Every Warehouse Worker Should Have

Working in a warehouse isn’t for everyone. The work can be physically demanding and require specialized skills like running a forklift or having computer skills. Some warehouse jobs require a lot of repetition, while others could have you pushing a cart, filling orders, printing shipping labels, packing boxes, or any one of a dozen different tasks in the course of the job. Some warehouse jobs are fun and fast-paced while others are a little less frantic. There’s work today from inexperienced to expert and in many of these jobs, all you need is to not be afraid of working hard.


No matter the warehouse job, there are a few crossover skills that are in high demand whether you are doing pick and pack in a modern football-field sized fulfillment center or in an older less-modern rusty retro facility. What are the top three skills every warehouse worker should have, no matter the job type?


#1 Dependable

Every employer in every job type would probably list the ability to rely on their employees as their number one request. In the warehouse world, having an employee that arrives on time, doesn’t call in sick, and has a strong work ethic is what will get you noticed and potentially promoted. Being dependable means following the rules set by your employer while avoiding gossip, being on your cell phone, or otherwise not doing the job.


#2 Flexible

The warehouse world isn’t just about being able to lift boxes or drive a forklift. Many warehouses today use computer software to automate basic tasks. Other employers are old school, with a clipboard for inventory and a lot of manual tasks for employees to complete. As a warehouse worker, you must be flexible in handling a diverse work environment where even the weather can change the job – especially if you’re on the loading dock. Having the flexibility to adapt to varying schedules or a changing work environment will be a big plus when you take on your next warehouse job. Employers always notice employees that come in with a “can-do” attitude.


#3 Organized

Warehouse workers can be pulled in a lot of different directions. Having the ability to keep a cool head and remember what’s on the to-do list will help your employer in more ways than you can imagine. While a warehouse manager needs an eye for both the big picture and the small details, a regular employee with the skills to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and have the common sense to prioritize them according to urgency is very valuable. If you’re good at making a list and checking it twice, there are employers that would like to speak with you.


This is a list of three soft skills, that are in-demand and important to the success of your work in this field. If you have these skills, Twin City would like to speak with you about a warehouse position. Whether you’re breaking into the field or are an experienced employee, we have jobs in a variety of environments for you to consider. Contact us to find out more.