Why Partnering With a Staffing Firm Can Make Your Life Easier

Why Partnering With a Staffing Firm Can Make Your Life Easier


The first thing to understand about today’s job market is it’s so competitive, employers need to think outside the box to fill the seats on the bus. Think we’re kidding? The fact is the U.S. unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in 49 years. That means everyone that wants a job probably already has one, which is putting increasing pressure on hiring teams to try to find someone – anyone – that will fit open positions.


The employment market isn’t likely to improve for employers anytime soon, either; in November another 94,000 open positions were added to job boards. The latest predictions suggest that the unemployment rate will drop to 3.5 percent from 3.7 percent last year, further drying up talent pools in all market sectors. This virtually guarantees that companies continuing to succeed in finding the best employees must find new ways to make their lives easier while continuing to attract top talent. Here are some ways that a staffing agency could make the lives of your hiring managers much less stressful this year.


Getting by With a Little Help From Your (Staffing) Friends


Partnering with a staffing agency is like adding extra hands that can help you source, attract, and harness new talent. In today’s staffing drought, hiring a pool of experts that have a ready-made network of potential candidates makes tremendous sense, especially when unemployment is so low. Finding the right people in this market means you need additional resources to add to your hiring mix; a staffing firm brings a database of candidates they’ve been networking with – sometimes for years.


A staffing agency can help you immediately cast a wider net. What could happen to your recruiting efforts if you had extra members on your team to search for passive candidates? Passive candidates are those potential hires that aren’t actively sending out resumes. However, are interested in at least talking with you about opportunities.


While your regular hiring team is concentrating on screening top candidates, the recruiting firm could be trolling for new potential candidates that haven’t even applied yet. They could also add another layer to the screening process that could ultimately help you find better candidates more quickly. Why is this important? Because the passive candidate is likely open to discussing a new role, even though they haven’t sent you a resume yet. Globally, about 70 percent of currently employed workers would consider talking with you about another position. But finding, reaching out, and building these relationships takes time. A staffing agency can extend your efforts to reach the passive candidate, automatically improving your recruiting output.


Another way a staffing agency could help would be to use the additional resources to get the word out on social media that you’re hiring. These hiring experts can also help you write a terrific ad for the new position, screen resumes, and interview. Could this make your life easier by allowing internal HR managers more time to strategize new ways to find candidates? Could this also improve the speed at which you hire? These are all the ways developing new partnerships with staffing agencies could help your business succeed in 2019.


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