Is Transportation Important When Hiring the Right Candidate?

You might wonder why you’re always asked about having reliable transportation to work during the interview process. It’s a bigger problem than you might imagine; many of us simply hop in the car to start the daily commute. But Business Insider says a lack of reliable transportation is a big issue holding the American economy back, “Transportation presents a difficult and underreported challenge to low-income workers trying to find jobs and manage daily life in the U.S. without a car.”


In cities and rural areas without or with limited public transportation options, employers often struggle with an otherwise good workforce that simply has a difficult time getting to the job.


Why Employers Worry About Your Transportation


Think about the issue from the employer’s perspective; if you can’t make it to work or arrive late due to a lack of reliable transportation, everyone suffers. Your co-workers have to pick up the slack while you’re out and production suffers. That’s exactly why employers often ask during the interview process where you live and if the commute will be difficult for you.


Having reliable transportation to and from the job is an important part of economic mobility and quality of life. Having a vehicle break down or relying on a bus that never comes cannot only cause you to miss work; it can add hours on to an already busy and stressful life. Apart from work, a lack of transportation means you might miss school or a doctor’s appointment or perhaps can’t get your child to daycare. It can negatively affect your job prospects; without reliable transportation, you may even miss an on-site interview and lose the opportunity. So, what can you do if you know this is going to be an issue?


Transportation Options


We recommend being honest with your employer about your transportation issues. However, if you don’t own a car, it’s up to you to look at the bus line and try out a few routes even before the interview process. Which route has the fewest changeovers? How early would you have to leave to make your shift? If you miss the bus, or if you have a car that won’t start, give some thought to alternatives before the crisis hits. Make a transportation plan, and then a backup so you don’t run the risk of getting fired over a flat tire or a missed bus.


During the interview, when your employer asks how you’ll get to work, share your plan and backup plan – your employer will be impressed with your organizational skills. Ask your employer if the company has rideshare options, or if they are willing to increase your salary so you can save to purchase a more reliable car.


The point here is that your employer wants to make sure you arrive to work on time for your shifts. If you speak honestly about your plans to make sure your transportation works out, it will show your employer how reliable you really are. It may even help you stand out as a top candidate who is serious about the position and help you land the job.


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