5 Tips to Better Your Job Search

Applying online is only one of a number of tactics you should be using to find a new job. Today’s job hunt should include a variety of proactive steps before you even start the drudgery of the online application process. We’ve found five of the best and most productive things you can do to kick-start a seamless and effective job search.


Reach out to your professional connections on LinkedIn

If you haven’t taken the time to post a LinkedIn profile, you’re missing out. If you have a profile and connections and you haven’t mined those connections, you’re missing out on resources who could connect you with your next job. Try a few of your connections every day with a nice note to let them know you are actively looking for a new position. You might be surprised at the response!


Redo your resume for SEO and include power words

Since most resumes are posted on applicant tracking systems (ATS), it’s important to use words that will stand out in a keyword search. Try targeting your resume to each job ad and use some stand out words to make your resume pop. For example, use these powerful words:

  • advanced
  • budgeted
  • closed
  • developed
  • enhanced
  • fulfilled
  • generated
  • helped
  • implemented
  • justified
  • logged
  • maintained
  • negotiated
  • obtained
  • presented
  • quoted
  • recommended
  • saved
  • taught
  • uncovered
  • validated


Polish your social media profiles

Social media is now a big part of any search process, so make sure you have a professional online appearance that mirrors your resume. Try updating your professional networks and ask them for references on sites such as LinkedIn.


Research the Employer

It’s important for every candidate to thoroughly research potential employers. Look for the skills the company values and see if your resume is reflective of those traits. Read the employer’s “About” page to understand the goals of the organization and try to envision how you fit in. What services does the company offer? These are important tasks before attending an interview. Try to develop a whole list of questions to ask in person and on the phone so you will be better prepared.


Enlist the help of a recruiter

Recruiters are a free resource many job seekers fail to utilize. These talented professionals have seen hundreds of resumes and can give you advice on how to present your skills on paper and in person. Since the employers pay the staffing agencies fees, recruiters are a great free resource that you can leverage to get your foot in the door for interviews. They are a must-have resource for any smart job hunter.


It takes a lot of time to apply for jobs. Part of the search should include using your networking connections, researching the company, and preparing your resume. The time you invest up front will give you a better chance of landing your dream job. Talk to our team to find out what other tips they suggest, and what roles they have available that fit your skills.